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We want to spread the awareness of 3D printing to the masses. Making 3D printing easy and assessable to everyone.


We aim to be explore the possibilities of 3D printing beyond industrial sector.


Explore the unexplored

Founder's Story

Our founder Matt, was an alumnus of Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

Matt has an architecture major, while having some form of engineering, business and research influence in his tertiary educations. The currently architecture design scene which is still very reliant on labour intensive model making method had kept Matt wonder what can be done to improve the situation. Having the relevant exposure and the support of SUTD Entrepreneurship Centre (EC), Matt had created a business to educate and advocate on the possible of applications of 3D printing, in hoping to contribute to the effort of bring technological transformation to the building industry.

Apart from the industry, Matt also felt that 3D printing can meet the needs of consumers in an entirely different manner. As a child, he always dream to have a huge T-Rex toy, and now it is all possible with 3D printing. 3D printing is indeed can be an avenue to materialise dreams for everyone!

Photo Credits: Lina Wee