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The below featured projects are highlights that the 3D printing technology can be used to enhance the architecture space. We have done couple of different use case of 3D printing in the build environment scene.

SUTD 10X TimeCapsule Pavilion Pieces

The SUTD pavilion is a project with over 3000pcs of unique 3D printed tiles. Each of these tiles has differs in shape and has its own unique ID which needed to be printed in sequence.


Tensile Pavilion Joints

The pavilion's primary metal supports are connected by uniquely 3D printed PETG connectors that takes on high loads. Each of these connectors connects 6-8 metal rods from different drection.


Models for Complex Monuments

The job required us to CAD several monuments in Singapore freehand by proportions and 3D print the tiny details. The models are printed either by parts or as a while depending on the difficulty.


Model of Contemporary House Projects

3D printing can be used to fabricate house models which was traditionally labour intensive if done by hand. With proper planning, 3D printing can produce stunning model results.


3D Printed Furnitures

Customised furniture such as stools, chairs and tables can also be 3D printed via the FDM 3D printing method. These furniture can be printed either as a whole or by parts that require careful design in the joints.

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-11 at 14.55.45 (2).jpeg

Iconic Building Memento

Iconic buildings can be also printed and be presented as gifts for the VIPs, which is nice and unique. We had the experience of making desktop display memento for SGH with their iconic Bowyer Block.


Planting Sphere Scaled Model

This planting sphere is a scaled model of a research project that require 3D printing to fabricate the corner nodes. The nodes are printed with simple PLA material and was connected with wooden rods. The sphere is hardy and drop resistant.

2018 asd models0257.jpg

Master Planning Model

3D printing is a quick way to visualise building models for the team. The model parts can be printed separately in colours and post assembled.


3D Printed Interior Models

Interior model can be printed as a whole which save time and effort in post processing. We are experienced in setup printable furniture and annotations which can be printed with ease in one go.

Cropped House.jpg

Topography Terrain Models

Terrain, which is often hard to product by hand. This type of model is usually done in CNC which is not easily accessible. 3D printing can fabricate such models easily.


Pixilation Model

Models with complicated design are often time consuming if made by hand. 3D printing is able to segregate and print the model in large chunks which is easy to assemble.

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