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Q: What is the typical file need for 3D printing?

- We accepts STL, OBJ and STP formats. However STL will be most preferable. With the STL file please send us via email

  at, and we will proceed with the quotation. Settings can be advised and adjusted during the

  quotation stage.

Q: If I do not have a 3D file but I can describe what I want to print, how does it works?

- In this situation we will put under prototype consultation. We will have to work with you on the generation of 3D file, then

  proceed to the printing. Be assured that the 3D files that we designed for you will be optima for 3D printing, and you

  can keep the file afterwards.

Q: What is the material and colour available to choose from?

- We typically accept jobs that uses Polylactic Acid (PLA) filament as the material. This material is good enough for most

  applications except outdoor or exposed to extreme weather conditions. View the chart below for colour selection,

  however colours are subject to availability. Else we typically print is black and white.

- Another material that we offer is Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), an elastic material. The colours may be limited.

Q: Do you do SLA or resin based service?


-  No, unfortunately we only support FDM services.

Q: What is the dimension/size available for 3D printing?

-  Our main fleet of 3D printers are of 210x210x240mm build volume.

-  We have large 3D printers that is of 300x300x350mm, 350x350x400mm and 400x400x450mm however due to the

   limitation in large printers, your job may encounter queue. Express services available.

Q: What is the typical lead time for 3D Printing?


-  For file dimension below the standard 210x210x240mm, the lead time will be about 3 days. This includes buffer in case

   your file did not print properly and we will have to reprint it without extra cost.

-  As of the larger files, a typical lead time is minimum 14 days onward depending on the size of the file. We have

   experience for a single file to run for 9 days straight.

Q: What is the arrangement on shipping or delivery?


- We offer a variety of shipping options:

  •  Self pick up at Upper Changi MRT/ SUTD Entrepreneurship Centre/ Serangoon MRT is complimentary.

  •  Delivery: $20.00 per trip.

Q: What is the paying mode? 


- We accepts a wide range of methods such as cash, bank transfer, Pay;ah & Paynow. Undortunately we do not take

  credit/debit card at the moment.