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House Models

We are proud to be referred and engaged by the National Heritage Board to recreate and 3D printing 11 of the iconic monuments in Singapore. Some of these monuments does not comes with floor plans, nor sections which increased the difficulty of the recreation process. These monuments were cross referenced from old Google images as well as satellite images to create the base proportion. The details were created via a combination of site visits and Google street views for areas which limited access.

1. Abdul Gafoor Mosque


The Abdul Gaffoor Mosque is a mosque in Little India, Singapore. It is located at Dunlop Street in the Rochor Planning Area. The mosque was constructed in 1907, and major restoration of the building was completed in 2003.

2. Former Parliament House (The Arts House)


The Arts House is currently a multi-disciplinary arts venue which plays host to art exhibitions and concerts. Built in 1827, the Old Parliament House is the oldest government building and perhaps the oldest surviving building in Singapore.

3. Former Empress Place Building (ACM)

15. House.jpeg

The former Empress Place Building is one of the architectural treasures in the Empress Place civic area overlooking the Singapore River. It was completed in 1867 and had originally been planned to be used as a courthouse.

4. Former Attorney-General’s Chambers


The first recorded structure on the site was an annex of Maxwell’s House (the present-day Former Parliament House. The annex, opened in 1839, was initially occupied by the court.