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Be a Design Innovator
      with Imagene Creative !

Professional Design Courses and

3D Printing Prototyping


Matt Chiu

Founder & Brand Ambassador

Our Services



We conduct various type of design & 3D Printing related workshops to foster creativity and advocate imagination! 


- Corporate Design Thinking

- Corporate Recreational

- Entrepreneurship Mindset

- Introduction to 3D Printing

- Craft & Fun with 3D Pen


3D Printing

We provide prototyping services using FDM 3D printers to materialise ideas into actions. All you need is an idea!


- Corporate Gifts

- Architecture Scaled Models

- On Demand Prototyping

- Product Co-development

- Mass Manufacturing


University Student

Way better than Prof!!! 1000x better! I probably learnt more from this 3 hours of CAD than I did in class. Thank you!

Our Reviews

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Corporate Staff

Very engaging and hands on workshop. Flexible content and easy with work with to align creativity with corporate goal!


Student Parent

The instructor is experienced and the creative content has sparked my son's interest towards 3D printing! Awesome!


Our Spotlight


What does your service includes?

Hello, we provides a range of design-business centric workshops and the down stream prototyping services via 3D printing technology. Please refer to our respective services page for more detailed explanations on each service breakdown. Our clients include educational institutions, private companies, workshops and enrichment centres.

How should I engage your service?

Hello, you can either leave us a message below, contact Matt at +65-81270855 or email us at Both Whatsapp and Telegram via the number above is available as well. Our team is excited to hear from you.

What is the age group of your workshops?

Hello, we provide a wide range of workshops that are based on design thinking to stimulate your senses. We have done workshops from primary school pupils, to university students, to corporate adult learners and even teaching design to elderlies. Design and 3D printing is really for everyone! Contact us to find out more!

How does the 3D printing service works?

Hello, we use FDM polymer 3D printing to bring your idea to live. We are equipped with a fleet of 20+ 3D printers that is capable to fabricate a large amount of print at once. To receive a quote, simply send your STL file to us. If you do not have an ready 3D file, you can provide us with some simple sketches as well to convey your idea.

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Address: SUTD Entrepreneurship Centre, 8 Somapah Rd, #01-310, S487372

Contact: Matt +65-81270855

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