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The journey of starting up is no easy task. The achievement made over the years are the result of tiny constant steps. However, we are definitely proud of the achievement that we have today.

Winner of the SG Good Design (SGMARK 22) under the Experiential Design Category

Monuments are witnesses to the cultural history of a city, giving people a connection to the past. 3D printed monuments are part of a larger exhibition celebrating PSM50 for the general public, allowing them to be immersed, learn, and appreciate these monuments in a fun and engaging manner whilst building multi-generational bonds with elders reminiscing about the good ol’ days. 

Find out more here!!!

Singapore Good Design Awards_2022_C2-84.jpg

Collaboration with Alliance Française on 1:100 Scale, 1.5m Long Notre Dame Model

We are collaborating with Alliance Française Singapore and RT+Q Achitects in fabricating a 1:100 scale Notre Dame model to celebrate the cathedral's construction and restoration works after the Notre Dame fire. This Notre Dame model measures about 1.5meters long and 1.2meters in height. To print a model of this size, the Notre Dame model was split into 55 smaller pieces to be 3D Printed separately and assembled in 3 weeks; the longest single-print in this model takes around 4.5 days. Find out more here!!!


Featured on !mpact @ Youthopia SG

We are passionate to share that our founder Matt Chiu was features on the !mpact @ Youthopia webpage, a blog that features young adults and their impacts towards the society. Matt has been very active in the 3D printing space to advocate and share his passion with many. Find out more here!!!


Our models are featured at PSM50 Event

From 13 Nov 2021 to 02 Jan 2022, eleven of our 3D printed monuments in collaboration with National Heritage Board are exhibited at the National Museum free for all public. Experience the monuments closeup from a birds eye view to see them in perspective like never before. Find out more here!!! 


We are now doing livestream for MakeIT 

We are honoured to be invited as instructor to conduct livesteams at the National Library Board MakeIT Facebook page on selected days. We will be going through some of the tips and tricks in 3D printing and designing the product CAD on Thinkercad software. It is free so that everyone can follow the process.


We are featured with SUTD on the future of 3D Printing in Construction Space

Additive manufacturing has brought convenience for many especially for those in the fabrication industry. 3D printing is useful in most context but lies some constraints that user will need to embrace. We are proud to be featured along side with Prof Carlos Banon from SUTD on the potential of 3D printing in construction space.


We are collaborating and featured by SMC

We are pleased to be featured by the SMC on the startup journey thus far and to share such experience to those who are interested. We have also share some of the 3D printing and design to the participants from primary school, in hoping to inspire them towards the spirit of design and making. Find out more here!!!


We are invited on a fireside chat to talk about the journey of this startup and to motivate others who are like-minded

Imagene Creative itself is a startup that was bored from the incubation of SUTD Entrepreneurship Centre. Starting a company is no easy task. We are proud to be invited on a Block 71 sharing session to motivate people who are at the early phase of such journeys, and to share the limited knowledge that we have. We strongly believe that automation process such as 3D printing can bring positive change to our lives.

Block 71 Entrepreneur On The Climb (1).png

We are featured to share the story behind the production of 54,000 "earsavers" during the early phase of Covid19

Behind the scene, it is no easy task as part of the core team to manage the supply chain issued for over 100 community makers, 54,000 produced earsavers from purchasing the raw material to delivery of those earsavers to the frontline workers in Singapore. It was really a meaningful initiative and a story to tell.

Matt 3D maker.jpg

We are part of MakersAgainstCovid19 community group

Covid19 came disruptively in the early 2020, where people are required to put on a mask when out of home. Frontline workers who have long shifts often sustain the toll of prolong wearing of masks, where they felt discomfort at the ear. As such, makers around Singapore came together to form a group to produce "earsavers" to assist in this situation. Find out more here!!!


City of Innovation Singapore Exhibition

As an alumni of SUTD, Matt was invited to collaborate with SUTD to exhibit the wonders of 3D printing to public and to share aware of such useful technology in the City of Innovation exhibition held in the Marina Bay Sands in 2019. Many members of the public are extremely curious and fascinated about the capability of 3D printed that "printed object out of thin air".

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-11 at 14.55.46.jpeg

We are proud to be assisting Professors from SUTD to fabeicate 3000+ pcs 3D Printed tiles for the SUTD 10X Time Capsule

3D printing in small batches is fun, but definitely not when there is a need to product over 3000 pcs of 3D printed tiles over a short period. This SUTD Time Capsule pushes the limit of conventional 3D printers and test the ability of to mange the workflow and logistics. Being an alumnus of SUTD, Matt was honoured to be engaged by the Professors of SUTD and work with them to complete this "mission impossible". Find out more at here!!!

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