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Corporate Gifts

It all starts with an idea, simply provide us with that. Our team is passionate in turning your idea into reality. We love to work with you to design one-of-a-kind gifts or souvenirs that surpass every expectation for your recipients. View below for some proud works that we have done for our precious clients.

Corporate Staff Pass Holder

for SUTD HR Department

This staff pass holder is specially design and fabricated for the SUTD. The back of the card consists of a 3D image of the chinese pavilion that was donated by Jackie Chan.


Special Event Memento

for Singapore General Hospital

This memento is a 3D printed model of the iconic monument call the "Bowyer Block", which located in the heart of the SGH. This monument holds an important historic value to SGH.


Aviation Forum Award Medals

for Temasek Foundation Aviation Forum Event

This award is designed specially for the Aviation Forum. Taking inspiration from the AirShow, the award design showcase 3 fighter planes soaring across Singapore like those during the NDP.


Corporate Identity Earsavers

for Prudential

Working with Prudential SG, we product these customised earsavers with a special note to showcase appreciation from prudential to all of their ground staff and keeping them safe.


Corporate Inspired Coasters

for SUTD Entrepreneurship Centre

To make the gift special, we have adopted the several features of the corporate icon and convert it into the basis of our design while creating a beautiful yet minimalistic product.


Planting Pots

for General Customers

In Imagene Creative, we customise special design planting pots for those who love to grow office plants. Our pots can be made into any shapes and sizes to suit your personal preference and needs.


Corporate Identity Keychains

for General Customers

In Imagene Creative, we design special keychain that is unique to your organisation. Simple yet elegant keychain is a good way to remind your client about your company without a card.


3D Imaging Photo Frames 

for General Customers

In Imagene Creative, we care about you and your favourite moments. We fabricate customised lithophane, encapsulating your favorite moment into a 3d texture that can be seen under light.

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